Tatiana Maslany on Conan 4/15/14 [x]

And it’s gonna get even more complex in season 2 because it’s so many things at once. It’s lovers, it’s coworkers, it’s eventually - I don’t know if I can say that - but gonna be a patient-doctor relationship. Experiment-scientist. It’s so much, you know? It makes it so rich.

Glamour US | May 2014

Glamour US | May 2014


Biddy is a 2-year old male African Pygmy hedgehog who goes on amazing adventures with the help of his people parents Thomas and Toni. 

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 Yes, we had interesting lady sex…

Evelyne and Tatiana fangirling over each other (x)

Evelyne Brochu on Tatianosima vs. Tatianarachel


Photographer Tim Carter captured these adorable images of this Red Fox playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow.